After Successful handing over of Nest Swank, Arpana, Ippo. Now Nest WOW, Nest Amaze, Nest Glory is our pride to develop simultaneous projects in the same location one after another on customer demand.

Who would say No to flats is in Corporation Limits, Rock Bottom Price, Attractive offers, Stylish Living, In-time Handing Over, Beyond service.

Buying a home at same place of 1750+ smiling families is most preferable for every home seeker.

The flats at Sholinganallur are located close to Infosys, TCS, PSBB School, Sathyabama College, AGS Movie land & also have access to various banks, ATM's, shopping malls & Mayajaal. Some of the locations that are near to these flats are ECR, Tambaram, Velachery.

The flats at Sholinganallur are Stilt+ 2Floors, Uniquely Designed Private Terrace, Low Maintenance and Additional Cost.

What more are you waiting for, come & have a site visit, & are sure to be impressed to book a flat immediately!


TCS, Infosys02 MINUTES
Sathyabama University02 MINUTES
OMR Food street03 MINUTES
Global hospital03 MINUTES
Velammal Vidyalaya School05 MINUTES
Wipro, PayPal, Accenture05 MINUTES

Select Apartment ( Based on Budget )

Aspire @ 40 to 45 Lacs

Glory @ 46 to 50 Lacs

Elite @ 51 to 55 Lacs

Arpana @ 56 to 60 Lacs

Delight @ 61 to 65 Lacs

Glow @ 66 to 80 Lacs

Project Highlights

1. Location: Sholinganallur.

2. Budget: 45 to 60Lacs…

3. 2, 3BHK Available

4. Stilt + 2Floors Only.

5. Low Additional and Maintenance Cost.

6. 1750+ flats have sold already.


Arpana4 G1 2BHK 845 - Flats OMR

Arpana G1 2BHK 845 Sqft

Aspire F3 2BHK 855 - Flats in OMR

Aspire F3 2BHK 855 Sqft

Aspire F1 2BHK 910 - Apartments in Sholinganallur

Aspire F1 2BHK 910 Sqft

Aspire S1 2BHK 910 - Apartments in Sholinganallur

Aspire S1 2BHK 910 Sqft

Aspire S2 2BHK 910 - Flats in OMR

Aspire S2 2BHK 910 Sqft

Creation F3 2BHK 850 - Apartmets in Sholinganallur

Creation F3 2BHK 850 Sqft

Creation F1 2BHK 900 - Flats in Sholinganallur

Creation F1 2BHK 900 Sqft

Creation F2 2BHK 930 - Flats in OMR

Creation F2 2BHK 930 Sqft

Creation S2 2BHK 930 - Sholinganallur Apartments

Creation S2 2BHK 930 Sqft

Glory1 S3 2BHK 925 - Sholainganallur Flats

Glory S3 2BHK 925 Sqft

Glory5 S1 2BHK 940 - Flats in Sholinganallur

Glory S1 2BHK 940 Sqft

Holiday F4 2BHK 850 - Flats for Sale in OMR

Holiday F4 2BHK 850 Sqft

Happy G1 2BHK 965 - Apartments for Sale in OMR

Happy G1 2BHK 965 Sqft

Happy F3 2BHK 965 - Flats in OMR

Happy F3 2BHK 965 Sqft

Legend F3 2BHK 930 - Flats for Sale in OMR

Legend F3 2BHK 930 Sqft

Legend S3 2BHK 965 - Flats in Chennai

Legend S3 2BHK 965 Sqft

Marvel S3 2BHK 875 - Flats in Sholinganallur Chennai

Marvel S3 2BHK 875 Sqft

Marvel S2 2BHK 880 3 BHK - Flats in Sholinganallur

Marvel S2 2BHK 880 Sqft

Paradise S2 2BHK 985 - Flats for Sale in Sholinganallur

Paradise S2 2BHK 985 Sqft

Paradise S3 2BHK 910 - Property in Sholinganallur

Paradise S3 2BHK 910 Sqft

Spectra S1 2BHK 900 2 BHK - Properties for Sale in Sholinganallur

Spectra S1 2BHK 900 Sqft

Spectra F2 2BHK 915 - properties in Sholinganallur

Spectra F2 2BHK 915 Sqft

Spectra S2 2BHK 915 - Apartments/Flats Projects in Sholinganallur

Spectra S2 2BHK 915 Sqft

Amaze7 G2 3BHK 1100 - Houses, Flats, Apartments for Sale in Sholinganallur

Amaze G2 3BHK 1100 Sqft

Amaze7 G1 3BHK 1190 Real estate properties for sale in Sholinganallur

Amaze G1 3BHK 1190 Sqft

Aspire S3 3BHK 1250 - flats and apartments for sale in Sholinganallur

Aspire S3 3BHK 1250 Sqft

Creation S3 3BHK 1215 - Apartment in Sholinganallur

Creation S3 3BHK 1215 Sqft

Glory3 G2 2BHK 990 - affordable & luxury 3 BHK flats for sale in Sholinganallur

Glory G2 2BHK 990 Sqft

Glory5 F2 2BHK 1005 - Villas for sale in Sholinganallu- at-profitable-prices

Glory F2 2BHK 1005 Sqft

Glory3 G1 2BHK 1010 - residential flats in Sholinganallur

Glory G1 2BHK 1010 Sqft

Glory5 F1 2BHK 1020 - Residential Apartments in Sholinganallur

Glory F1 2BHK 1020 Sqft

Glow F1 2BHK 1000 - home in OMR

Glow F1 2BHK 1000 Sqft

Glow S1 2BHK 1000 - Apartments/Flats for Sale in Sholinganallur

Glow S1 2BHK 1000 Sqft

Glow F3 2BHK 1075 - luxury apartments in Sholinganallur

Glow F3 2BHK 1075 Sqft

Glow S2 3BHK 1085 - Apartment Sholinganallur

Glow S2 3BHK 1085 Sqft

Grandeur S1 2BHK 1000 - majestic apartment in OMR

Grandeur S1 2BHK 1000 Sqft

Grandeur F3 3BHK 1140 - Luxury flats for sale in Sholinganallur

Grandeur F3 3BHK 1140 Sqft

Happy S1 3BHK 1000 - apartments near Sholinganallur

Happy S1 3BHK 1000 Sqft

Happy S2 3BHK 1050 - ventilated apartment in Sholinganallur

Happy S2 3BHK 1050 Sqft

Holiday S3 3BHK 1165 - residential property in Sholinganallur

Holiday S3 3BHK 1165 Sqft

Legend S2 2BHK 1045 - luxury apartment in Sholinganallur OMR

Legend S2 2BHK 1045 Sqft

Legend G1 3BHK 1230 - Flat for sale at Chennai, Sholinganallur

Legend G1 3BHK 1230 Sqft

Paradise G1 3BHK 1235 - budget homes in Sholinganallur

Paradise G1 3BHK 1235 Sqft

Style S1 2BHK 1065 - budget flats for sale in OMR

Style S1 2BHK 1065 Sqft

Style G1 3BHK 1130 - new flats for sale in sholinganallur

Style G1 3BHK 1130 Sqft


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